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Want Training for AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA? The Video Portal is HERE

The Video Portal and Community Users of ProcessDesignerforCATIA| NEED to Join to Enjoy its Full Capabilities Welcome friends and readers, For users of AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA this blog post...

Addressing Aluminum Challenges at Aluminum Week China 2017

Sharing Discussions on Simulating Aluminum in China The use of aluminum parts in cars helps to overcome today’s challenges of automotive industry such as lightweight...

The TriboForm Story that Brought Tribology Forward for Simulation Companies

From University Research Project to International Success How Two Young Guys Captured the Simulation Market Through Their Expertise in TribologyIt’s a grassroots story that...

Why General Manager Marc Lambriks Likes Tryout and Production Map Standards in AutoForm-Sigma

Tryout and Production Map Standards in AutoForm-Sigmaplus According to Marc Lambriks, General Manager at AutoForm Netherlands, there is no substitute to using the try-out and...
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